SB-2000/SB-2000-P manual balancing system
SB-2000/SB-2000-P manual balancing system

SB-2000/SB-2000-P manual balancing system

  • Description:

Single-sided manual balancer, the price is very affordable. SB-2000 is an easy-to-use sophisticated manual balance system that can provide manual balance for single and double sides. There are special machine installation models (SB-2000) and portable models (SB-2000-P), both of which are very affordable. Both of the control devices can provide excellent balance accuracy. It can display up to four-digit vibration frequency and six-digit RPM, and also supports spindle speeds from 30 to 100,000 RPM. Using digital design and intuitive icon-driven user interface, SB-2000 is easy to install and easy to use. Supports five balance modes (single position, 2 weight, 3 weight, fixed position, and circular arc), with storage capacity up to more than 30 balance charts for different machines or installation methods. The device can also generate and store vibrational spectrograms. The portable SB-2000-P can be installed to any position by magnet adsorption, which is very convenient to install and use. The design of the SB-2000 installation special model takes CNC/PLC integration into consideration, and the operator sets tolerance alarms, alarm limits and critical thresholds through the CNC/PLC interface. The USB port allows you to export balance data and settings, and update device firmware.

Product advantages:

Single-sided or double-sided manual balancer

Available in portable and fixed installation models

Simple and understandable symbolic user interface without language constraints

Five balance modes (single position, 2 weight, 3 weight, fixed position and circular arc)

Wide measurement range from 30 to 100,000 RPM

Store more than 30 kinds of balance charts and vibration charts

Fully digital design can extend service life and increase reliability


Suitable for SBS fixed installation and accessories

Simple CNC/PLC interface, firmware upgrade and access to stored data can be achieved through USB 2.0 communication

Provide world-class customer service all over the world