Reduce the risk of cargo damage to precision instruments, Customs launches personalized inspection

Editor:来源:OFweek仪器仪表网 │ Release Time:2020-09-01 

In the dust-free workshop of a company in Ningbo, three inspectors from Ningbo Customs and Beilun Customs are inspecting a batch of precision optical components worth about 5.9 million yuan. This is a scene of the personalized inspection service launched by Ningbo Customs.

These polarizers are necessary high-precision optical devices in liquid crystal displays. The entire production and use process of precision instruments needs to be carried out in a dust-free environment. Therefore, if the cleanliness of the environment cannot be guaranteed during inspection, it will cause loss of goods. The company filed an application for inspection of the factory to Ningbo Customs. After the customs reviewed the relevant requirements, it sent personnel to inspect the factory, which saved the time and cost of repeated disassembly and assembly of goods, and also provided a guarantee for the safety of precision equipment.

In recent years, the import and export volume of high-tech products at Ningbo Port has been increasing day by day. Tan Zesheng, Section Chief of the Inspection Section of Beilun Customs, said: “In order to better serve enterprises, Ningbo Customs has successively introduced personalized inspection service measures such as off-factory inspection, shipside inspection and release, and ship boarding inspection.” Personalized inspection helps protect high-tech industries. The company’s sophisticated equipment reduces the risk of cargo damage during transportation and during packaging and disassembly.

According to Ningbo Customs statistics, the import and export volume of optical, metrology, medical and other instruments and equipment at Ningbo Port from January to April reached 6.82 billion yuan, of which imports were 2.489 billion yuan and exports were 4.331 billion yuan.