Promote the development of precision instrumentation industry and improve the level of my country's high-end equipment manufacturing

Editor:来源:OFweek仪器仪表网 │ Release Time:2020-09-01 

Accelerometers are widely used in military and civilian fields such as aerospace, aviation, navigation, weapons, and resource exploration. Their accuracy directly affects the accuracy of launch vehicles into orbit, the accuracy of intersection and docking of manned space projects, and the comprehensiveness and accuracy of resource exploration. The detection technology of accelerometer is the foundation of inertial technology and the guarantee of engineering application. The research in related fields in my country started late, and there is a big gap between the detection accuracy and scope of foreign countries. As the accelerometer calibration detection technology and equipment can be used in the military field, foreign developed countries have strictly blocked my country, and there is no mature technology for the detection of large-range high-precision accelerometers, which has become an important technical bottleneck restricting the development of related industries in my country.

The Beijing Aerospace Control Instrument Research Institute affiliated to Aerospace Science and Technology organized internal R&D forces to carry out technological research and achieved breakthrough innovations. One is to propose a joint detection method of multi-axis error coefficients and cross-coupling error coefficients, which provides a technical means for achieving accurate detection of a large range of high-precision accelerometers. The second is to break through the dual-axis rotation coupling modulation technology, and propose multi-position information fusion angle measurement, constant precision and servo real-time precise control technology, and achieve advanced angular position accuracy, speed stability and other indicators. The third is to invent a dynamic monitoring method for processing accuracy and a polymer surface spraying process, which improves the processing accuracy and stability of equipment structural parts, significantly prolongs the service life of the electrical transmission device, and effectively solves the problems of instantaneous disconnection and slot-hopping. This result has realized the comprehensive detection of the accelerometer input shaft, output shaft, pendulum shaft and its cross-coupling error coefficient. The detection range covers 10-10g~90g, and the given accuracy of steady-state acceleration reaches 4×10-6.

The achievement authorized 11 invention patents, 3 utility model patents, and won the first prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award. The China Machinery Industry Federation's scientific and technological achievement appraisal expert group believes that the achievement has reached the international advanced level, and some technical indicators have reached the best level of the international similar products. The precision centrifuge, dual-axis rotating modulation turntable, and fully automatic single-axis turntable series of testing equipment invented by this project have formed 7 types of standardized spectrum products and have been introduced to the market in large quantities, which strongly supports the technological breakthroughs and technological breakthroughs of high-precision and large-range accelerometers. The research and production has promoted the development of my country's inertial technology and precision instrumentation industry, and improved the level of high-end equipment manufacturing.