SB-1000 dual-mode dynamic balance system controller

SB-1000 dual-mode dynamic balance system controller

  • Description:

SB-100O is a compact dynamic balance system that is easy to use and fully functional. It has two balance modes, automatic and manual, at an affordable price. This single machine control system can provide extremely high accuracy. The peak-to-peak displacement deviation after balance is as low as 0.02 microns when the speed range is between 300 and 30,000 RPM. SB-1000 adopts digital design and intuitive icon-based user interface, it is easy to install on existing equipment, and can be easily integrated through the CNC/PLC hard-wire interface of the grinder.

In the manual balance mode, SB-1000 can not only provide the most economical artificial balance solution, but also display vibration and RPM levels in real time. Operators can set warning and alarm thresholds through the CNC/PLC interface.

The operator can also use the "auto balance mode" and the balance head and cable to complete a quick balance cycle. At this time, it will be controlled through the CNC/PLC interface without operator intervention.

Product advantages:

Combine the functions of the two products

Shorten set-up time and increase productivity

The best effect of automatic balance can reduce the vibration of the grinding wheel to 0.02 microns, thereby improving the quality of the parts

One key switch balance mode

Fully digital design can extend service life and increase reliability

Small and easy to install and operate


Extend the life of grinding wheels, dressing wheels and spindle bearings

Compatible with all SBS configurations and components

Simple CNC/PLC interface, firmware upgrade can be achieved through USB 2.0 communication

Provide world-class customer service all over the world