Position:Test post

Place:Jiaxing │ jobsalary:Negotiable │ Number:2 | education:College degree and above │ Release Time:2020-11-24 

1. Responsible for the collection of bidding information and the preparation of bidding documents;

2. Responsible for the preparation, typesetting, printing, copying and binding of bid documents;

3. System account management;

4. Sorting, summarizing and reporting of documents;

5. Responsible for the collection, sorting and review of relevant materials such as bidding projects within the company's business scope;

6. Complete other tasks arranged by superiors.

1. College degree or above, proficient in using office software, careful work, and strong sense of responsibility;

2. Have a certain level of writing skills, and have the best ability to write and process pictures;

3. Have good communication skills and information integration capabilities. Chinese language and literature, news editing and other related majors, experience in bidding and bidding production is preferred.

Excellent interns or fresh graduates are welcome to deliver, and the company provides a good training mechanism and career advancement space.