AE-1000 Acoustic Emission Monitoring System

AE-1000 Acoustic Emission Monitoring System

  • Description:

ACCRETECH SBSAE-1000 uses exclusive Acoustic Emission (AE) detection technology to monitor and analyze the high-frequency signals generated during the grinding process to reduce the idle grinding time: and alert the operator to collision conditions.

AE-1000 can report the initial contact between the grinding wheel and the parts to be processed to the machine tool control system; without operator intervention, the grinding wheel feed is automatically stopped, which can save up to 20% in typical processing cycles

It can also detect and report abnormal contact caused by improperly loaded machining parts or fixture fixation within a few milliseconds, allowing the feed to stop suddenly, avoiding grinding wheel collision, machine damage, or personal injury.

It can monitor the contact between the coordinate reference point known by the CNC of the machine tool and the edge of the grinding wheel to achieve "position control": adjust to the zero position before starting a certain grinding or correction process. Therefore, the CNC numerical control system can determine the specific size of the grinding wheel diameter to be reduced in the grinding, and accurately locate it.

It monitors whether the AE signal strength during the grinding wheel correction is normal or not, so that the operator or CNC control system can achieve:

(1) Determine whether the full radial width of the grinding wheel is fully corrected; (2) Control the strength of the correction process;

(3) It not only ensures the quality of the grinding wheel to be repaired, but also takes into account the saving of grinding wheel materials.

AE-1000 can be equipped with a variety of SBS-AE sensors, all of which are quite easy to install and adjust. They have high resistance to grinding machine coolant and grinding grease. Their response speed is also far faster and sensitive to traditional methods of monitoring spindle load and other control devices.

Product advantages:

Accurately monitor the grinding process

Realize fast and automated grinding wheel feed, increase production efficiency by 20%

By eliminating idle grinding, reducing the processing cycle time. Suitable for many types of grinding machines

Sensor options adapt to multiple environments

Prevent grinding wheel collision, machine damage, or personal injury, realize automatic monitoring of grinding wheel correction quality

Enable the CNC numerical control system to reset the position of the grinding wheel to the zero position. With world-class SBS customer service support